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Pirate Food Ideas

Pirate Birthday Party Food

Here are some cool ideas for Pirate birthday party food (remember to make little signs in front of each dish to make sure the kids recognize that it's authentic Pirate food…). Another idea is to make little Jolly Roger flags connected to toothpicks and stick each flag into each person's food plate.

Chicken legs (no utensils allowed!!)

Seaweed Pasta (Green Linguine)

Treasure Salad (add dried cranberries, golden raisins and pecans in the salad)

Hot Dog Ships (spear a wooden skewer through a small piece of paper to make a schooner sail and then pierce it through a hot dog, then add a few Goldfish crackers)

Sea Snakes with shark blood (long spaghetti in tomato sauce)

Octopus (cut long slits in each hot-dog and then cook them, once cooked, the strips of hot-dogs get a roundish shape)

Pirate's Teeth (corn)

Slimy Seaweed (pasta alfredo using green spinach fettuccini)

Parrot Legs (chicken drumsticks under a Pirate name)

Twisted Fingers with Slime Dip (spiral-shaped cheese breadsticks with guacamole dip)

Golden Treasures (macaroni and cheese)

Golden Nuggets and Ruby Sauce (chicken nuggets with ketchup)

Veggie Palm Trees - Cut up various vegetable and serve on a platter with dip. You can then decorate the platter with palm trees that you make out of vegetables. The way you make these is by taking a carrot and securing it in the vegetables with a toothpick. Then take the top fourth of a green pepper, cut a small whole for the carrot to fit snuggly in and you have a palm tree!

Fish 'n' Chips

Peg Legs (fish sticks)

Pirates on a log (fill celery sticks with peanut butter or cream cheese and add little black raisins as Pirates)

Pirate Birthday Party Drinks

Frosty Ale (root beer) in mugs.

Sharks Blood (take red Kool-aid or punch and make them as ice cubes…. Then you take sprite and the kids get to drop the red Kool-aid ice cubes into the sprite - kids think it's awesome that the drink turns pink/red…. This can also be called "Crocodile" or "Alligator" blood… whichever you think is tastier :-)

Pirate's Grog (using your blender make a healthy mix of fruits for a fruit-shake. Use colored fruits like green apples, kiwis, oranges, strawberries, etc. to get that groggy color!)

Buccaneer Brew (hot or cold chocolate milk)

Pirate Birthday Party Treats

Goldfish crackers

Ocean with sunken treasures (blue Jell-O with diced peaches and pineapple, you can add little shark gummy treats as well)

Peg legs (cucumber, carrot, celery sticks)

Canon ball grapes

Red Rubies (strawberries, cranberries and cherries)

Watermelon Boat (cut out a watermelon to resemble a boat, then take out all watermelon with an ice-cream spoon, and put all watermelon balls in watermelon boat as cannonballs)

Octopus legs (gummy worms)

Gold puffs (cheese puffs)

Gold and Silver Hershey nuggets

Chocolate gold coins

Golden candies (butterscotch)

Breadsticks (swords)

Swords (pretzel sticks)

Pirate Pellets (all kinds of jelly beans)

PARTY FOOD: We served a plethora of Pirate Pizzas, Billy Bones' Biscuits with Blood Sauce (bread sticks with marinara sauce) and Tortuga chips and Sea Weed Slop (blue tortilla chips and guacamole). The tortilla chips were served in a large blue bowl that had ships and sea serpents around the side and a pirate skull on the bottom. The rest of the food was served on black trays or bowls. I also had a tray of pineapple, cantaloupe, green and red grapes (didn't want anyone getting scurvy!) with the top of the pineapple in the center. We used little multi-colored sword shaped picks for the fruit

Food consisted of Pirate dogs (hot dogs) cannon ball salad (using a melon-baller we threw together watermelon cantaloupe honeydew and grapes)gold nuggets (cheese cubes) and sea chips (potato chips). Drinks were regular/sweet sea water (iced tea sweetened or unsweetened) one eye pucker juice (lemonade) ruby punch (fruit punch). I also placed shark bait/chum at each table (goldfish crackers)
Food: I served the kids chickn nuggets shaped like sea creatures and smile french fries. I had grapes (cannonballs) strawberries (rubies) and goldfish crackers. I found cute placemats that looked like treausre maps. The partyware I got at birthday express. I found mini cardboard treaure chests at the dollar store and I placed one at each child's seat. For the adults I had the silverware wrapped in napkins and tied with red ribbon all placed in a trasure chest. Favors: We had the personalized treat bags. We also made each child a bag of pirate snack mix that had chocolate coins goldfish crackers pretzel sword sticks whopper cannon balls and bugles. We put the treat mix in pirate bags from the dollar store.

course bottles of root beer served ice old.
gummy sharks
Hotdogs with home made pirate flags stuck in each one for each child. Gold Fish as the catch of the day, extra large black olives as cannon balls. Root Beer and Ginger Ale were served to drink. The hot dogs ships were so cool! We had about 20 of them on platters and it looked like a sea of ships on my counter. The adults were fed chili and chicken soup with cheese biscuits, saltine crackers, sour cream and cheddar cheese.

the children ate light SNACKS Pirate Booty (rice popcorn), Pirate M&M's (marketed for the recent Pirates of the Caribbean movie) 2 different kinds white, peanut and regular; Pirate cereal ( POTC chocolate cereal), Gold nuggets ChixFilA chicken, Tropical fruit with plastic sword picks, Cheese and Goldfish/Chex mix

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